WinBase.NET is our flagship time & attendance / job costing / access control solution, developed in the Microsoft .NET framework, using either the free SQL Server Express database or integrating with your existing in-house server. It links to a whole host of clocking terminals, will import data from CSV files, & can easily export data to many payrolls including Sage, Opera & Earnie. If you have a requirement not catered for in the standard system. It can be tailored to your needs.

The installer is used both for installations/upgrades Of WinBase.NET On both file servers and client PC's. If you are upgrading an existing system, please Click Here to check your entitlement
Download v3.52.1 MSI Installer Released Wednesday 2nd June 2021
This is the WinBaseVT.NET add-on module that allows employee's to make clockings, enquiries & booked absence requests themselves from any PC on your network without the need for the full system to be installed. The installer is used both for installations/upgrades On both file servers and client PC's. If you think you may have a need for this then please E-Mail us at for details
Download v1.3.0 MSI Installer Released Tuesday 9th March 2021
The software installation topic in this file may assist in case of any initial SQL installation issues. It is also deployed automatically with the main system
Download Help File  


Some Features & Benefits

  • SQL Database Format
  • Up To 72 Clockings Per Employee Per Day. This Is User Definable
  • Quick & Easy Amendment Of Employee Clocking/Hours/Holiday Information
  • Pre-Booked Absence Calendar, View A Years Worth Of booked Absences At A Glance.
  • Personnel System, Storing Important Employee Information
  • Employee Analysis & Skill Assignment, Store details Of Special Skills Employee's May Have
  • Pre-Book Holidays In Advance Unlimited Shifts/Working Patterns Archiving Of Leaver's
  • User Defined Pay Groups, i.e. Weekly, 2 Weekly, Last Day In Month, Same Day Of Each Month.
  • Up To 8 Different Pay Rates Per Pay Group Per Day, i.e. Basic, Time And Half, Double etc,
  • Up To 8 Optional Cash Payments Per Pay Group Per Day, i.e. Bonus, Time Keeping Allowance, Statutory Pay etc.
  • Multi-User Capability For Simultaneous Access Across Networks
  • User File Security Allows The System SUPERVISOR To Give Access Only To The Forms That Each User Needs, As Well As Only Allowing Access To Specific Companies And/or Groups.
  • Data Collection From Remote Terminals Via Modem For Other Sites
  • Integrates With Clocking Terminals That Support Mag Stripe, Fingerprint, HID, Bar Code, Prox Readers, HandPunch Or Can Operate Using A PIN.
  • Bespoke Reports/Modifications/ASCII File Outputs Can Be Written Where The Customer Has A Special Requirement Not Covered In The Standard System. Please Contact Your Agent For Details.
  • D.T.I (Department Of Trade & Industry) Working Time Directive Report To Calculate Average Hours Worked Per Employee Over Any User Defined Period, Typically 17 Weeks.
  • Calculates The 'Bradford Factor' To Highlight Persistent Absence.
  • Selectable Badge Label Printing.
  • Multi-Company Payroll Links Into Sage, Opera, Earnie & Other Payroll Systems.
  • ASCII Output Formats (Usually CSV), To Export Data Into Other Systems, i.e. Spreadsheets.
  • Corrections List Routine, Displaying & Allowing You To Easily Amend 'What's Wrong', For Example Forgotten Clockings Timed Terminal Communications.
  • You Can Have The System Automatically Communicate With The Clocking Terminals At Pre-Set Time(s)
  • Agency Worker Cost/Charging Reports
  • Easy To Use Roster Booking System For Employee's Who Can Work Different Hours & Shifts Within Each Pay Period
  • Integrated Access Control Module, Where Terminals Can Be Designated As For Access Control Only, Time & Attendance Only, Or Both. Details Of Entries/Exits Are Kept As Well As Any Unauthorised Attempts & Door Alarms.
  • Integrated Job Costing Module For Analysing Hours & Actual Labour Costs Across Jobs. Job Changes Can Either Be Manually Entered, Or Swiped At The Terminal Itself (Certain Types Of Terminal Only). This Module Can Easily Be Interpreted Into A Powerful Department Costing Module If Desired.
  • Wages Vs Sales Analysis Report Designed For Retailers.
  • Option To Associate Day Rules & Employee's With Specific Users/Heads Of Department
  • Audit Trail Facility To Track 'Who Changed What'.
  • Multiple Finger Enrolment & Use Of The VX 10.0 Algorithm On ZK Terminals



Example showing the main menu, optional navigation panel & users form


The employee's form with a multi-column drop down ComboBox


Example of the report viewer. Reports can also be created in PDF format


Screen lists can be 'striped' in a user definable colour if required


Each Form has integrated context sensitive help, as well as other comprehensive topics