This page briefly summarises some of the bespoke solutions written on a freelance basis. If you have a requirement and can't find an off the peg solution, please contact us for more details.


Wip.NET Is a comprehensive application to progress customer enquiries through stages of quotation-order-manufacture-invoice-despatch-creation of Sage Line 50 Invoices for both UK & foreign customers. It produces many varied reports from works production documents to management analysis reports, using an MS SQL Server 2008R2 Database back-end.
  MergeAndMail.NETem>MergeAndMail.NET Takes input from a csv file produced from a customers internal systems and creates Sage Line 50 service invoices. It has options for different customer types and will 'wrap up' then email individual invoices or consolidate multiple sage invoices into one for a weekly batch run, also including scanned pdf timesheets if applicable. There is also an option to print barcoded labels for affixing to timesheets to aid input.
NeuroLENS.NET Takes data from a LENS neurological brainwave scanner writing it into client records to enable accurate reporting on different head 'sites', and as an aid to future diagnosis and planning.
OrderBox.NET Reads order details taken from various csv 'feed' files i.e Amazon, & maps the data to a standard order record to automatically create customers & invoices in Sage Line 50 thus removing the need to re-key information. Foreign currencies, exchange rates, nominals, discount codes & shipping costs are all integrated as standard
  ProdEx.NET Is a simple to use program that opens a Sage Line 50 database & exports the product/stock details to a CSV file
  Guid2Sage.NET Has a simple to use 'one click' user interface that calls a web request with authentication code to read order details from the internet, creating invoices in the Sage Line 50 accounting software.
  Marina.NET Is a large on-going development to manage customers and the metering of power and water usage across worldwide projects. It has a graphical 'point and click' interface to enable enquiries or problems to be quickly identified.
Influx300.NET Is a 'front end' to the Sage300 SQL Server accounting system for Order processing. It has comprehensive customer searching, VAT code validation across the EU nations, UK residential and business postcode lookup, as well as integrating Credit/Debit card payments into PayPal using website payments pro. It has a chinese language resource option and uses a 3rd party package called Iman to perform special database update logic.
VapeIT.NET Is system to process orders from a CSV file off a web feed for vaping products, producting picking lists and writing despatch information to a Royal Mail DMO file, for both Uk & international orders. It records flavourings, products and recipies, calculating costs, and also allows input of business purchases